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Our CEREC CAD/CAM system is used for creating all-ceramic tooth restorations.

The computer-controlled milling unit is highly accurate and fast allowing your dentist to create a new crown or veneer for you in a single appointment.


Single appointment crowns, veneers, onlays and inlays.

Ceramic tooth restoration using our state-of-the-art CEREC chairside CAD/CAM system is now a speedy yet superbly accurate and precise process.

Your tooth can now be professionally restored during a single visit to the dentist - quick and convenient for you, but with a resulting restoration of extremely high quality and longevity.

The CEREC system consists of a small special camera, a computer terminal and a precision milling unit. The computerised process is extremely accurate with the ability to re-create the exact shape and dimensions of your original tooth.

The result is a beautifully restored smile in just one visit to the surgery.

The process


Your tooth is first photographed and stored as a three dimensional digital model and proprietary software is then used to approximate the restoration shape using biogeneric comparisons to surrounding teeth.

CEREC Scan Your dentist then refines that model using 3D CAD software. When the design phase is complete, the information is sent wirelessly to the milling unit which mills the actual restoration from a solid block of material using diamond burs.

The restoration is bonded to the tooth using a resin cement which bonds to both the restoration as well as the tooth itself.

The results

Here are some before and after photos of patients who have benefitted from CEREC treatment at our surgery.

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