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Key Elements
A youthful attractive smile is made up of certain key elements which our dentists who have a special interest in the aesthetics of the smile understand. These elements can often be manipulated in a very non-invasive way to enhance your smile.
The key elements
  • Healthy gums

    The foundation on which all excellent dentistry is achieved. Jill and Emma, our Hygienists, are key members of the team in creating and maintaining beautiful smiles.

  • The way light reflects from your teeth

    This is what is perceived by the onlooker. Teeth which slope backwards or are overlapped or twisted don't reflect much light and appear dark or missing especially in photographs

  • The alignment, angulation and spacing of your teeth
  • The relationship of the curve formed by the lower edges of your upper teeth relative to the curve of your lower lip

    In young smiles the two upper front teeth are longer than the side teeth giving a curve to the tips of the teeth, which coincides, with the curve of the lower lip in a very pleasing way. In middle age the tips of the teeth have often been worn to create an older flatter smile line. In old age this becomes a reverse curve. Understanding this makes it possible to recreate an attractive youthful smile.

  • The colour of your teeth

    Red wine, tea, coffee, nicotine and age all combine to darken the teeth.

  • The amount of lip support

    When teeth are lost, the bone that held them in place is no longer needed and shrinks away over time to leave the lips unsupported. Without this support the lips appear old, thin and sometimes mis-shapen. When proper support is provided, the lips regain some of their youthful fullness.

The Treatments