Get them off to a good start

Bring your children to the dentist as early as possible to familiarise them with the environment and allow them to get to know the staff. We have years of experience of making your little ones comfortable and confident when they visit us.

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Nervous child?

Visiting the dentist for the first time can be a traumatic experience for a small child, but the best time to help them to overcome fear and become accustomed to regular check-ups and treatment. Older childen who have not been handled sympathetically in the past may also find it difficult to visit the dentist. In both cases, we can assure you of a gentle and sympathetic approach.

The treatment room, with its strange-looking chair and array of instruments and equipment can be frightening, but a friendly tour with words of encouragement can instil confidence and alleviate nervousness. A quick polish of front teeth with a soft brush gently introduces your child to having a dental instrument in their mouth and combined with our understanding and gentle encouragement, invariably results in confident, calm young patients.


Parents can of course be an enormous help by demonstrating calmness and confidence when visiting the dentist. If you are worried or nervous about your child's treatment, a reassuring chat with us before the appointment can work wonders.

Healthy teeth means healthy children

Regular and effective tooth-brushing will certainly help to keep teeth and gums clean and healthy, but there will almost always be a time when only the dentist can help put things right. Regular check-ups will help to identify and treat small problems when they occur. Problems such as crooked or mis-aligned teeth can also be effectively treated to develop and improve children's smiles as they grow up.